Anne-Laure RIGOUZZO-WEILLER has a PhD in biology. As an ethnobotanist, she has teached medicinal plants for 18 years. She offers the participants to develop a new, total and sensitive vision of plants in order to learn how to cure with the plants.
She uses the botany initiated by Goethe, but also traditional knowledge much older, based on the medicine of the signatures and described by Paracelsus and Hippocrates, as well as current knowledge both scientific and popular. The main part of the seminars thus takes place outside to study the plants.

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Creator of tasting glasses for Baccarat, author of books on tasting (101 unforgettable bottles, and 101 bottles to drink with friends, Ed. Balland-Jacob-Duvernet), Bruno QUENIOUX has worked for the cellar of the store Lafayette Gourmet since its creation in 1990. He revolutionizes the oenological tradition by offering a new approach of tasting which feelings and emotions express.

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Bruno WEILLER is an agricultural engineer, specialized in the link between the quality of the soil and the quality of the crop plants. Thus he works mostly in viticulture, but also in truffle growing or fruit-trees, often for organic farmers, in France as well as in other countries.
As a Terroir specialist, he helps farmers better understand the soil that they cultivate and guide them in the choice of a crop or fertilization adapted to the couple soil/crop. He is above all consultant and teacher in biodynamics for vine growers.

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Cathy Büchli

Spécialiste des huiles essentielles

Christine BOTTON

Oenologie et énergie.
Œnologue de terrain de longue date, Christine Botton est imprégnée des terroirs bourguignons.
Passionnée par la géométrie du sacré et ses énergies, elle se propose, à l’occasion d’une dégustation de climats renommés, de vous ouvrir à un ressenti différent et inattendu du vin.
Pourquoi ce vin trouve-t-il une résonnance en moi, quel plaisir me procure-t-il …

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Christine RENAULT

Découvrant le Feng Shui en Angleterre en 1995, puis formée à la Feng Shui Academy de Londres, Christine Renault a quitté sa carrière dans le marketing international pour se consacrer pleinement au Feng Shui : consultations pour les maisons, magasins et bureaux ; études sur plans avec les cabinets d'architectes ; formations.
En plus de l'attention portée à l'harmonie des lieux et au bien-être qu'ils dégagent, Christine Renault se concentre sur l'évolution de la vie de ses habitants. Elle propose le Feng Shui comme outil de développement personnel.

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Claude et Lydia BOURGUIGNON

Claude BOURGUIGNON is an agricultural engineer microbiologist of the soil. After a few years at the French National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), it founded with his wife Lydia their own research and expertise laboratory in soils microbiology (LAMS). Author of the book “Soil, Earth and fields” (Ed. Sang de la Terre), consultant for many famous vineyards, he was the first biologist to be protested against the damages of intensive agriculture for the last decades, causing fertile fields to turn into deserts.
It travels all over the world, claiming the urgent need for revitalizing the fauna of the soil, and for restoring the health in the fields and the taste of Earth productions. He is protecting the typicity of the Terroir in relation with the taste of Earth products.

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Dominique MASSENOT

Being both independant consultant and teacher, Dominique focuses on optimizing soils fertility, and sharing his knowledge on Biodynamics. He has been working in organic agriculture since 1985 and studying soils using Herody method since 1990.
Loving pedagogy, he knows how to explain very simply, and in a very structured way, science of the sky as well as science of the Earth.

Seminar : Biodynamics : reasoning and practicing

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Margarethe CHAPELLE

Margarethe CHAPPELLE has been working in oenology for 25 years. She is technical manager of the Thiollet Œnologie laboratory. For 16 years, she has been a specialist in sensitive crystallization, because the simple analyses of its chemical composition do not make it possible to apprehend the quality of a wine.


Pierre MASSON. After 22 years of practice of biodynamics on a mixed-farming – breeding farm in Burgundy, Pierre Masson chose to pass its knowledge while becoming consultant and teacher. Its experience on the field and his contacts with the many winegrowers he has been advising for more than 35 years gave him a global and concrete vision of biodynamics.

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Sandrine CARRO

Praticienne en technique de bien-être, Sandrine Carro maitrise plusieurs techniques de massages relaxants ou tonifiants originaires d’Asie et d’Inde.
Diplômée de l’école européenne Joël Savatofski, et certifiée de l’école gouvernementale de Chang Mai en Taïlande, Sandrine propose des séances de bien-être aux particuliers dans son cabinet « Renaissance » à Ladoix Serrigny, mais aussi des animations aux entreprises et associations. Le stage est consacré à la pratique de méthodes de bien être accessibles à tous.

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Thierry Guyot

Thierry Guyot was a vigneron in Burgundy during twenty years, one of the first cultivating in Biodynamy. He has always been exploring further a true and genuine relationship with nature.
He studied soils and geology with Yves Hérody, the "Art de l'Ecoute" with François Louche and now teaches how to become aware of your own human nature, by listening to Nature and using your senses tasting wines.

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William BERTON

William BERTON is an explorer of the interior adventure. Former acupuncturist and osteopath, he clarified a new language, that of the colors of the rainbow and its variations in 45 tones. For almost twenty years, he has been exploring the world of colors and their relationship to life and health. His discoveries are related to the similarity between a color and a feeling. Each color has a soul, and William Berton lets it speak.
He is the author of books on colors, lecturer and creator of the “School of Colors”.

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