What You Should Be On The Watch-out When Buying Medicine Online

The internet has completely revolutionized the way things are done as anyone nowadays can purchase or sell almost everything online, this coupled with over-the-counter drugs purchases extremely exposes buyers and patients to unforeseen dangers and uncertainties. As a result, cases of the wrong prescription, incorrect usage and administration have been on the rise. This article discusses factors to be considered when buying drugs online.

Selling websites

It is prudent to verify the authenticity of the selling website before buying any drug. Of late, there has been a widecdcdcsxcdhvbre circulation and distribution of counterfeit drugs and the most website won’t hesitate to sell them to unsuspecting online buyers. Unscrupulous online merchants may also sell expired drugs to their customers which may end up affecting their health. It is only wise to buy from trusted online pharmacists. There are many ways of knowing genuine selling website, be on the lookout for the following, most unscrupulous merchants do send drugs with unknown quality or origin, in most cases, they never provide their telephone contacts, their prices are low compared to other retailers a mostly they sell without prescriptions.


Most online pharmacists give drug prescriptions based on symptoms discussed with them online rather them conducting a physical examination of the patient; it is only wise to visit a physician so as to get a good prescription based on a medical checkup. You may get a prescription online based on your symptoms but not on the underlying condition.

Active ingredients

A good number of people do have adverse reactions to particular medical drugs; this is as result of the drug’s chemical composition. While a buyer may not be in a position to know exactly the underlying medical composition, it is sensible to visit your health practitioner to know the composition of the drug and how they will affect you. This valuable information is hard to come by while buying from online merchants.

Price comparison

Before buying, check and compare the cost of the drugs from different online merchants. While one merchant’s price may be so high, it is not news to find the same drug at a relatively lower price elsewhere. This will help the buyer in making savings.

Privacy and security policies

Buying online means that you will submit your health and other private information online, before placing any order, make sure that the selling agency has confirmed buyers’ privacy policies that will protect you from information disclosure and also safely and securely keep your credit card details.

Illegal drugs

dbgdcfdhbgtrIn most countries worldwide, importation of illegal drugs is prohibited. Drugs production, consumption, and administration are controlled by authorized government agencies e.g. Food and Drugs Agency (FDA) in the United States; importation, administration, and use of illegal drugs are federal offenses charged in the court of law. When buying online, make a quick inquiry to ascertain the authenticity and composition of the drug to avoid a brush with the law.

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